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Goodnestone Serpentine Walk and Avenue, Kent

Goodnestone is a grade II* park and garden near Canterbury, famous for its association with Jane Austen. It also has a celebrated walled garden and an equally good woodland garden. As part of the restoration of the historic landscape and the development of the site as a visitor attraction, acta restored a walk leading from the garden, around the park boundary, past the façade of the restored ice house and back to the mansion. This required detailed tree and shrub specification, preparation of contract documents and site supervision. The walk is now a popular feature of visits to the park. In a later piece of work we established a new 500m-long plane tree avenue, leading from the mansion to the village.

Client - Lord Julian Fitzwalter

  1. Substantial sections of the walk have abundant daffodils, probably planted between the wars in a previous version of the walk
  2. The walk takes its name from a formal section laid out in the eighteenth century as a sequence of regular curves. This could not be traced on the ground and our alignment followed a straightened-out later version
  3. Ice house
  4. Later section
  5. Avenue