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Shoreham Airport, West Sussex

Shoreham Airport is one of the oldest in the country and needs to provide more business space to maintain its viability. It contains listed buildings and is overlooked by the South Downs National Park.

acta prepared a landscape and visual impact analysis to support the development policies in the Local Plan. This required an assessment of the impact of the proposals on the nationally significant downland landscape and the major historic buildings, such as Lancing College, on its edge. More locally, the impact on public access along the river was considered, together with such issues as the impact of new highway lighting on a very open site.

The assessment was prepared in co-operation with Historic England and took account of the setting of the listed inter-war terminal building and the Second World War defences and training buildings.

  1. The listed terminal building is largely unchanged since its completion in 1936
  2. The impact on the setting of the Anglo-Saxon church and the listed Shoreham Bridge had to be considered
  3. The site is open to long views from the downs and the river crossing